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The silent force of the Sporades, Alonnisos is definitely owe of the best destinations for vacation, with distinct environmental consciousness, characterized as Natura is located in the center of the Marine Park of Northern Sporades, the digest European Marine Park and the first in Greece.

In Alonnisos you can visit dozens of  beaches and impressive historical monuments, and there are plenty of entertain location that offer moments of relaxation.

This Island is characterized by its element of Pelion, with wonderful architecture, that makes the walks in the picturesque villages an unforgettable experience.

The old village surrounded by the old castle ills is inviting you for a walk in the beautiful paths, which are full of small flowered balconies, to the paved threshing floors and to the old wind mills. Exploring the island you will also discover several churches that come from the depths of centuries.

If you love archaeology we suggest you visit the historical and archaeological museum wich constitutes sources of knowledge in a place that is flooded with history and tradition is located in Patitiri.

An alternative way to get to know Alonnisos it to walk the old path ways, allowing your senses to walk together with your steps in a peaceful  manner and the interchanging picture that you will see, will fill your body and soul with euphoria. The island is a world-wide unique developing location with flora and fauna of particular scientific educational and cultural interest.

Furthermore, there are in the area archaeological findings from the pre-historic classical and byzantine era. There is also unique combination of pant and sea Mediterranean biotopes with hundreds of plant and animal species. In the desolate rocky islands lives and reproduces the  greatest population of monachus monachus.


The beaches of Alonnisos, unfold through olive oil fields and between revealing beaches with stone and sand. The access is easy and the weather varies according to the beach.

In the Southside of the island are the big Mourtias, the small Mourtias and the Vithisma facing westward.

In the Northwest are Vrisista, Gialia, the small Tourkoneri and Tsoukalia who facing Northward, while along the east a coast are located the beaches: Milia, Golden Milia, Katerina Vala, George Gialos, Leftos Gialos and the redcastle.

The most popular is Agios Dimitrios facing eastwards, undoubtedly the biggest and most beautiful beach of the island. A visit in Alonnisos will reveal the beauty of  this island that remains its characteristics combining with charm the past and the present.